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Willis is staying at home

Dontrelle Willis is apparently off the table and the Marlins aren't budging.

On the rumor front, let's quash the big one before it gets started up again because it affects both the Yankees and the Mets: Dontrelle Willis isn't going anywhere. That's what the Florida Marlins are telling anyone who inquires about the personable and gifted lefty. The Yankees did call and so did the Mets and they were both told the same thing. At long last, the Marlins - this time with the direct involvement of commissioner Bud Selig - are making progress on getting a new stadium deal in downtown Miami, which would preclude any more payroll-dumping by them. Besides, Willis isn't costing them a whole lot right now and they have him under control for two more years.

Of course, Jeffrey Loria, the Marlins' owner, never will completely shut the door on potential Willis suitors. "Not if someone wants to really overwhelm us," is what he says, which, translated, means, "Who's to say if someone is willing to do something really stupid like trading three can't-miss prospects?" Not the Yankees or the Mets.

I have no idea how far along are the stadium talks, but the Willis situation isn't really surprising.  I know there are those who will disagree with me but I think this is for the best for the time being.