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Kolb the Closer

Dan Kolb would like some of that Marlins magic and jump start his career again as a closer.

Former All-Star closer Dan Kolb is intrigued with the idea of trying to revive his career with the Marlins, who play at pitcher-friendly Dolphin Stadium, said Damon Lapa, Kolb's agent.

Lapa said he expects to talk to the Marlins again this week, following up on a brief conversation he had last week with General Manager Larry Beinfest.

"The Marlins are definitely near the top of the list,'' Lapa said, refering to six teams that have expressed interest in the right-hander.

"He is very open about it. He likes the ballpark. He likes the core of good young players. He could be a great mentor to (future Marlins closer Taylor) Tankersley.''

While the team doesn't need another relief pitcher who is skilled at blowing games in Atlanta, we have had an organization full of those for years.  He may make some sense as the new reclamation project.  Much like the others he has had some success in the past and has fallen on hard times.  Unfortunately he hasn't been on hard times for very long and he wants a paycheck that may price him out of the range the Marlins are willing to pay.  Kolb is looking for $2.3 million.  If the two can get together and workout an incentive laden contract with a much smaller base salary, then it could work.  If not, it depends on how flexible Loria is willing to be with the overall payroll.