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A Stadium for the Marlins may have a friend

The new governor-elect of Florida could prove a little more friendly to the Marlins situation than the outgoing governor.

He also said he supports the idea of a new baseball stadium for the Florida Marlins, who have threatened to move out of state if they can't get government help for a proposed stadium. The team now shares a stadium with football's Miami Dolphins.

"It's not a stretch at all to view it as economic development for our state," Crist said. "I would be very unhappy if any of our teams would leave the state. And I'll do everything I can within reason to make sure that does not happen."

He couldn't be any less of a friend to the Fish than the man who is replacing.

Selig and MLB are also ridded of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, which may be helpful in pursuing stadium funding for a Marlins park. Governor Bush refused to back any funding measures to build a new Miami-area baseball park.

It looks promising but we will see how it turns out and unfortunately - the clock is ticking.