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Forget Reitsma

There is next to no way Reitsma will be a Marlin next season.

The Marlins' interest in free agent reliever Chris Reitsma has not evolved beyond the preliminary stage.

After initiating contact with his representatives after the Braves non-tendered Reitsma earlier this month, the Marlins indicated an offer would be forthcoming.

Six teams have submitted bids for the right-hander, but the Marlins are not one of them.

"The situation is not closed yet, but we're down the road with at least two or three teams," said Mike Paolercio, Reitsma's Cincinnati-based agent. "We've had several different kinds of offers. We're considering two or three one-year deals and two or three multi-year situations. Each one of them offers different advantages and disadvantages."

Ain't going to happen.

If it is true that six teams have already submitted a bid for Reitsma and some of them are multi-year contracts, the Marlins won't be in the hunt.  Assuming history is any indicator, a one-year deal is all the Fish will offer.  And I sincerely doubt that it will be the best thing on his table.

It is entirely possible that I am completely wrong about this, but I will be shocked if I am.