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Ramirez Update

Hanley has been shutdown until Spring Training.

After being examined on Friday in South Florida by Marlins team physician Dr. Dan Kanell, Ramirez has been diagnosed as having a left shoulder strain. He will undergo rehab treatment, but the team expects him to be ready for the start of Spring Training.


According to Ramirez's agent, Andy Mota, the strain occurred on Wednesday night. Ramirez was running the bases and fell on the shoulder while sliding. Mota said Ramirez was checked out as a "precaution" and that he should be fine.


Until Spring Training begins, Ramirez will be undergoing shoulder-strengthening drills.

Ramirez also said he is being shut down as a precaution.

"I feel soreness when I swing," Ramirez told "It isn't something serious, but the Marlins and I prefer to avoid risks."

Good.  He should be shutdown.

HadMatter knocked the cobwebs off my memory and maybe yours too, that this isn't a new condition for Ramirez in his comment yesterday.

In fact, it is the same shoulder he injured before.  Fishfan's prognosis is looking right on the money.  It isn't a matter of if Ramirez will need shoulder surgery in the future - it's a matter of when.