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Arrest Warrent Issued for Jeff Allison

This just keeps getting worse.

The News & Record of Greensboro said Guilford County Judge Susan Burch issued the warrant and a $2,500 secured bond after Allison missed the preliminary hearing. The judge barred the public from the hearing, and Allison's public defender declined comment.

The charges carry up to four years in prison. Lawyers have discussed waiving jail time if Allison completes rehabilitation for drug addiction.

This is truly sad.

While on a superficial level I subscribe to the idea, "that baseball is life", on the plane of reality this isn't true.  This is fourth time I have posted about Mr. Allison's personal transgressions, and I am afraid it may not be the last.  I have no idea where rock-bottom is for the young man but on his present path he should, unfortunately, reach it soon.  Allison will never pitch for the Marlins, and at this point, that isn't important.  I would just like to see him get his life in order.