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Willis Releases a Statement

Dontrelle released a statement through his attorneys.

Through his attorneys, Walter Reynoso and Robert S. Reiff, Willis released a statement Tuesday thanking "everyone involved for their support and encouragement."

The statement also said: "I acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and I understand that there is a legal process that needs to be followed. As I respect this process, the police and those involved, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time."

The article goes on to say:

He will be arraigned on the charge sometime next month, a hearing he is not required to attend.

Willis at this point in the proceedings really can't say much more than that.  Since anything more would be a public admission of guilt, statements of complete contrition, if necessary, will come after the trial, assuming the whole process is played out.

The Willis' arrest has already been picked up by most newspapers and also by many blogs, too numerable to link to.  Which is understandable, of course, since he is the face of the baseball team and a good guy who is charged with an act of stupidity.

The exposure doesn't end with the newspapers, blogs or even local television.  The event was also picked up by VH1 in their: The 10 Best 10 Best Lists of 2006, #4: The 10 Best Celebrity Encounters With the Law

8. Dontrelle Willis Drunkenly Urinates On Street, Hops In To His Bentley - Florida Marlins star pitcher Dontrelle Willis waited until the bottom of the 9th - getting himself a DUI with only a week left in the year - to make his way into this hall of shame, but he behaved like a true champion. Observed urinating on the side of the road next to his double-parked $200,000 Bentley (a classy car, for classy motorists), Willis was hauled in by Miami police and charged with driving under the influence. Guess his Blood-Alcohol Content was higher than his ERA.

He is innocent until a guilty verdict is rendered by the courts, but even if all charges are dropped, this is going to follow him for quite some time.