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Willis Arrested on DUI charge

Dontrelle Willis arrested on DUI charge in Miami Beach.

Willis was arrested in Miami Beach at 4:07 a.m. Friday and charged with drunken driving.

According to the police report, patrol officers observed Willis disembark a 2007 black two-door Bentley on the 1200 block of Washington Avenue. Willis left the vehicle double-parked and urinated on the street before getting back behind the wheel.

The officers pulled over Willis, who was only able to produce the vehicle registration when asked for his driving documents. In their report, the officers noted Willis "appeared confused and disoriented" and "had bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcoholic beverage."

Willis, 24, failed a field sobriety test and later refused a breath test. He was arrested and transported to Miami-Dade County jail, where he was booked at 5:56 a.m. and is being held on $1,000 bond.

The Marlins had no comment and Willis' San Francisco-based agent, Matt Sosnick, could not immediately be reached.