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The Marlins will head to Ohio

I still have trouble typing the state name "Ohio" without thinking of the theme song to "The Drew Carey Show".  

The Marlins will finish Spring Training playing their last game against the Reds.  Photi has the link: Marlins Playing Exhibition In Dayton, OH!

And you thought you were going to get to see the club play the Isotopes in Jupiter - well, that isn't going to happen.  The Isotopes have been scratched in favor of the Reds.

I'm not exactly sure why this decision was made, other than it will give the players a chance to climatize to playing in cold weather.  The Marlins open the season in Washington, D.C. and the city isn't exactly known for its balmy weather conditions at the first of April.

But it is kinda a shame that the Fish final Spring Training game won't be against the 'Topes.