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Upton Revisited

Another trade that fell through.

The Marlins' pursuit of Upton also went nowhere; the Rays rejected the Marlins' offer of right-hander Ricky Nolasco, prompting the Marlins to kick around the idea of building a three-way deal around those players.

The Mets would have been the third club, giving up young pitching to go to the Rays along with Nolasco in exchange for Cantu.

The talks never progressed to the point where they involved the Rays.


The more I think about trading a starting pitcher/possible closer for Upton the less I like the idea.  Trading a starting pitcher for an unproven, possible defensive liability, still doesn't make sense to me.  If you want to swap prospects, that would be a different story.  The Marlins can make do in the outfield if that becomes necessary.  But pitching, especially good young pitching, is the most valuable commodity in the game today.  The team should get someone, more or less, major league proven in return.  Not some Triple-A all-star, we have those.