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We are Scientists

Or at least the keywords to this blog thinks so.

FishStripes :: A Florida Marlins Blog who discovered levodopa rat poison warfarin
actonel osteoporosis tetracycline acne acne diet acne natural treatment

We did?!?  Okay, which one of you discovered that rat poison can be used as a successful treatment for acne?  Because it sure wasn't me.  (Disclaimer:  Please don't try this a home)

Let's say on the off chance that none of our budding scientists made the discovery - whatever it is - and that they added FishStripes into the key words hoping to generate traffic.  Then they really aren't too smart.  FishStripes is probably the last SB Nation baseball blog an intelligent person would pick to promote traffic to their site.

Assuming the curators of the referenced blog are intelligent, which is doubtful, the question remains: who made the discovery and why is it associated with FishStripes?

Should FishStripes win the Noble Prize for medicine in the future, everyone gets a cut of the monetary prize. The medal we will have to pass around on some joint custody basis. But everyone gets to put the honor on their CV.