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Weekend Open Thread

Yeaaaa!  The Weekend!

Since it is the weekend it is only appropriate that the weekend open thread makes an appearance.  As usual feel free to discuss anything that comes to mind.  But my guess is that most eyes in Florida will be on a certain college football game today.  That's right, I'm talking about Troy vs. Florida International who will battle on the gridiron this evening.  The winner of the game will determine Rice's opponent in the New Orleans Bowl.  Okay, maybe it will be only my eyes.  

But let's say you aren't interested in the outcome of the very important Troy vs. Florida International game (can you tell we don't win much). Then if you would like to talk about baseball, football, movies, how to run out on the check in a restaurant and not get caught, or anything else for that matter, knock yourselves out - for this is the weekend open thread.

Have a great weekend!