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Spring Training Dates

The Marlins set their Spring Training Dates yesterday.

Marlins pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training on Feb. 17, with the first workouts for pitchers and catchers set for Feb. 18 at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter.
Pitchers and catchers are slated to take their physicals on Feb. 17, with on-field activities getting under way the next day.

Position players are set to take their physicals on Feb. 20, and the first full workout is scheduled for Feb. 21, a Wednesday.

It ain't around the corner but it is closer all the time.

Dan, don't sell your Wes Letson custom jersey on eBay just yet - he's coming back.  

Also on Friday, the Marlins announced the signings of 20 six-year free agents: left-hander Chris George, right-hander Terrence "Lee" Gardner, right-hander Nathan Field, right-hander Eddy Rodriguez, right-hander Roy Corcoran, right-hander Mike Koplove, catcher Nick Trzesniak, catcher Paul Hoover, infielder Zach Sorensen, infielder Jason Wood, infielder/outfielder John Gall, right-hander Rich Dorman, first baseman Todd Sears, infielder Johnny Raburn, infielder Robert "Frank" Moore, outfielder Brad Correll, outfielder Angel Molina, right-hander Jesus Silva, left-hander Wes Letson and catcher David Hernandez.

Something gives me the idea that Wes Letson may become a cult figure on this site.