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Marlins Free Agents Non-Tendered

The Marlins let yesterday's deadline pass by without offering salary arbitration to any of their free agents.

Not offered salary arbitration

FLORIDA (3) -- Joe Borowski, rhp; Matt Herges, rhp; Brian Moehler, rhp.

The Marlins are still going to try and sign Borowski to a one-year contract that will be, presumably, laden with benchmark incentives.  The new CBA makes it less imperative to offer a free agent arbitration since the club can negotiate with and sign the player at any time.  In the former CBA the Marlins wouldn't be able to enter into negotiations with the player until May 1.

The Fish being very payroll conscious weren't willing to risk the possibility that Borowski would accept arbitration and thus messing up the target payroll for the season.

Herges and Moehler not being tendered isn't much of a surprise.  In fact don't expect to Herges to be in teal next season.  Moehler, however, could be.  Doubtful.  But he could be.  If the Marlins do re-sign him, he would be used out of the pen and maybe as a spot starter.  Moehler becomes more valuable to the Marlins if Borowski doesn't sign.  The organization would like to have a veteran presence in the bullpen, not necessarily for what they bring to the mound but for the continued development of the young arms.  A player-coach if you will.