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And the Rumors keep coming

Purple Row was the first to notice this three-way deal as imagined by some guy from the Denver Post.

Colorado is pining for Tampa Bay CF Rocco Baldelli, but need a third party to get involved. The deal that makes the most sense: Tampa Bay gets pitchers Ricky Nolasco and Taylor Buchholz and shortstop Clint Barmes, the Marlins get Willy Taveras and the Rockies receive Baldelli.

So, to the Marlins it would be Ricky Nolasco straight up for Willy Taveras.  That ain't going to happen.  Nolasco figures too heavily in the possible plans for the Fish next year.  Whether he is in the rotation or a possible closer candidate, he worth more to the Marlins than some center fielder who if he loses a few pounds, might be able to hit his weight.

I was listening to XM Radio yesterday morning or possibly early afternoon and they were interviewing Alyson Footer who is the beat writer for the Astros.  One of the questions posed to Ms. Footer was whether the Astros gave up too much in their trade for Jason Jennings.  (In case you didn't know, the Rockies traded Jennings to the Astros for Taveras, Buchholz  and Hirsh.)

She said, and I paraphrase, that no they didn't, Taveras while good defensively has never shown signs he would come around at the plate.  She went on to mention the other two players but I really don't care about them.

Kevin Baxter pens an article in today's Miami Herald about the Marlins in-house closer possibilities.  It doesn't really cover any new ground but it does highlight how Nolasco could be in the running for the spot.  It is true that the Marlins need a center fielder but they need to take care of the bullpen first.  And taking care of the bullpen doesn't mean trading away one of the possible components for a perennially weak hitting center fielder.