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Jack is almost back

Jack's hip replacement surgery apparently was a success.

Former Marlins manager Jack McKeon, a special advisor to owner Jeffrey Loria, said Monday he already is up and around after hip replacement surgery last week.

''I'm not back in the lineup. I'm still rehabbing,'' McKeon said by phone from his home in Elon, N.C. ``I still probably need three or four weeks. [But] I just took a walk around the house.''


'You keep messing with it and favoring it and it tears up your knees,'' he said. ``So I figured I would get it done in time for spring training [so] I can go out and hit a few fungoes or something.''

Ah, there is nothing like the smell of cigar smoke in the clubhouse.  I'm sure Fredi and Jack will solve all the world's problems over a stogie or two.   I just hope the young players know enough to stand upwind.