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Benitez - who knows?

There is much speculation about a possible Armando Benitz deal with the Giants.

The Marlins and Giants continue closing in on the framework of a deal that would bring back closer Armando Benitez. Yet it still hasn't reached the medical record review stage.

Two key issues: How much of Benitez's $7.6 million 2007 salary will the Giants absorb and what kind of player do they seek in return. If the two sides can iron out those details, a source close to Benitez said the right-hander would have no qualms about taking a physical for the Marlins.

It doesn't appear likely to happen since the Giants want something the Marlins don't have.

The Marlins' bid to acquire Giants closer Armando Benitez from the San Francisco Giants has hit a snag.


The Giants are seeking a late-inning reliever with some experience. About the only player on the Marlins' roster that fits that description is newly acquired Kevin Gregg, and to a lesser extent Randy Messenger and Sergio Mitre.

If indeed the Giants are looking for an experienced late-inning reliever in a trade, they are bargaining with the wrong organization.  It's not that the Marlins would not be willing to trade that type of pitcher, the team just doesn't have any of those in stock.  And if they did, why the heck would they go after Benitez in the first place?  It's not like he has set the world on fire since leaving the Marlins.

Given Benitez's medical history and the disparity between the wants of the two teams, i.e. the Marlins for the Giants to eat almost all his salary and the Giants reportedly wanting experienced late-inning relief, this deal is looking like a no-go.