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News from "Select-a-Seat"

Sounds like "Select-a-Seat" this weekend went well.

"The fans have been real good to me," said Gonzalez, a Miami native who returns to the Marlins organization after serving as the Braves' third-base coach the past four years. "The fans have been real supportive. They ask me if I'm happy to come back home. Of course, I tell them, 'Absolutely.'"

Many of the questions fans ask the new manager center around how good the team will be.

"The biggest thing I hear is, 'Are we going to make the playoffs?'" Gonzalez said. "As a fan, they should feel their team will make the playoffs."


Thus far, the Marlins are seeing a good response to season-ticket renewals, and fans on Saturday had a chance to tour Dolphin Stadium and pick out their most coveted season-ticket location.

It's good to hear that tickets sales are going well for next season and the fans are wondering about the playoff possibilities.  It will be interesting to see how most of the team handles their sophomore season in the Majors.  It could be continued progression or it may be sophomore slumps all over the place.  While I hope for the former, the latter is a distinct possibility.

Scott Olsen brought back news from Dontrelle and Natalee's wedding.

Last weekend, Olsen attended teammate Dontrelle Willis' wedding.

"It was awesome," Olsen said.

Among the guests were Olsen, Josh Johnson and several players on other clubs. Randy Winn, Jimmy Rollins and former Marlins Jeff Conine and Juan Pierre were on hand.

Pierre was in the wedding party.

"It was nice," Olsen said. "They did a nice job with it. Dontrelle got up and told everybody, 'You can thank my wife, because I didn't do a thing with this wedding.' He said he didn't even know what to expect when he showed up."

Trust me Dontrelle, no guy ever has.  Some have tried and almost all have failed miserably.