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Stadium News - Sort of

The talks are continuing and there is little to report on other than there is a leader in the field. has learned that stadium talks are progressing.

One proposed site that is gaining momentum is the city of Miami, just south of the Miami Arena off I-95. Pompano, in Broward County, is also a viable location. And the city of Hialeah, in Miami-Dade County, is another possibility.

Since MLB has apparently taken over the stadium negotiations and their favorite possible site, downtown Miami, is getting a big push.  

The best thing about MLB taking over the negotiations, if indeed they have, is that they have a muzzle on David Sampson and therefore eliminating his ill thought out statements to the press.

Something, wherever it is located, needs to be worked out fairly soon.  The article mentions that it will take three years to build the stadium, once a financial agreement is reached.  I have seen a couple of big projects built in my days and three years may be the minimum for a project of this size.

To recap, the talks are still continuing, which is a plus.