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Rockies doing some shopping

The Rockies may try to flip their newly acquired center fielder to the Marlins.

Colorado acquired center fielder Willy Taveras from Houston on Tuesday, but it might turn around and deal him again in the coming days, with the Marlins and Cubs among the teams interested in the speedy Taveras...

I wonder what they could want....let me see....I will guess: young pitchers.   Could be wrong about that.  But not likely.

I'm still not sold on the weak hitting Taveras, especially since I think the price will be too high in terms of the team's young pitching talent.  Assuming that is what the Rockies will ask for and they will.  Defensively, Taveras is okay.  He is pretty bad at coming up on the ball but he goes back reasonably well.

Note: I'm sorry about the breavity of the post today.  I have to be at work extremely early.  Enjoy your Friday!