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Marlins may go spelunking

The new non-tendered free agents may hold some promise.

Unable to find a trade he could make or a free agent he could afford in the first two months of the offseason, Marlins general manager Larry Beinfest awoke to a changed landscape Wednesday, which he hopes will prove more fruitful.

At midnight Tuesday, 28 major-leaguers became free agents when the clubs holding their rights declined to offer them contracts.

With the regular free agent market ridiculously overpriced for the commodities the Marlins need most -- a closer and outfielder -- Beinfest undoubtedly is looking over these new offerings with interest.

Among the more attractive ones are right-hander Todd Williams, who appeared in 134 games for the Baltimore Orioles the past two seasons; veteran right-hander Chris Reitsma (Braves); outfielders Aaron Guiel (Yankees), Jayson Werth (Dodgers) and Alexis Gomez (Tigers); and catcher Toby Hall (Dodgers).

The Marlins have done a pretty decent job in the past of signing the non-tendered ones but this year could prove more difficult than in the past.  So far this year, the market has been overpriced for free agents and I don't think that is going to change very soon, if at all.

The article goes on to say:

Clubs hoping to grab a young pitcher on the free agent market had to have been disappointed at the list of players who became available Wednesday and might now be motivated to make a trade.

Honestly, I doubt it will make trading any easier.  Everyone seems to be over valuing the worth of their players - which is somewhat understandable.  The Marlins don't need to, and shouldn't, make a move just to make a move.  If a good deal isn't there, we can stand pat, if need be.  Deals can be made later, if at all, during the first-third of the season.  By that time, everyone has some idea as to the holes they have in their organization and should be more willing to make a two-team beneficial trade.