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Tampa Bay Again

Much like Michael Myers in Halloween, this just won't go away and the Marlins are, apparently, keeping it alive. has learned that the Marlins have interest in Upton to play center field, and they also are talking about dealing with Tampa Bay for Seth McClung, a right-hander who has started but would be a closer candidate for the Marlins.

The Marlins are exploring multi-player deals with Tampa Bay which could land them Upton and McClung. Nolasco, according to an source, is one of the names being tossed around in a possible move with Tampa Bay.

McClung is a thrower and not a pitcher at this point in his career but that doesn't mean it will be that way forever.  Here are his stats:  Seth McClung.

I have no idea who the Marlins are considering moving but I still don't believe the above are worth giving up one of the starting five.  It is true that at least one of the team's young starters may not pan out in the long run.  But it is equally as true, if not more so, that Upton or McClung won't either.  Anyway, I'm not a big fan of trading a 23 year-old pitcher who had results his first year in the show.  Even if he has a bad year next year, there is always a market for him at his age and especially since he has shown some success.