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Billy the Marlin - Doing his thing

Wendy, a nursing student and soon to be nurse, conveys this story about Billy the Marlin.

This is who I get excited to see:  Billy the Marlin. Mascot of the Florida Marlins. Love him. I get more excited seeing mascots than athletes. Billy came to visit D. when he was hospitalized at age 3. Loved him ever since.

This past weekend, the VEU athletes hosted a party for Safespace. It's an organization that provides shelter to battered women and their kids. The athletes all buy toys for the kids, and there was all sorts of entertainment, and Billy was there.

It is always satisfying, at least to me, to hear about how members of the franchise are always reaching out to those less fortunate.  Say what you will about the Marlins organization, but they are first class when it comes to helping others.

If you go to Wendy's blog she has a nice picture of Billy at the event.