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Arbitration Deadline is Today

Today is last the last day to offer arbitration to the players presently under contract.

The Marlins informed catcher Miguel Olivo on Monday that he will be offered arbitration by today's deadline, his agent said. The sides will soon discuss a one-year deal to try to avoid going to arbitration. Olivo batted .263 with 16 homers and 58 RBI last season.

The Marlins also are expected to offer arbitration to Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera but hope to strike deals with both before going to arbitration.

The Marlins' only other arbitration-eligible player is right-handed reliever Kevin Gregg, recently acquired from the Angels.

If deals can't be struck with the arbitration eligible players before today's deadline, all are expected to be offered arbitration.

If a player is not offered arbitration, they immediately become a free agent.  In other words, they will be, what is known as, non-tendered free agents.  It will be interesting to see which players in the majors are non-tendered - it should increase the affordable talent pool from which the Marlins can draw.  Last year the Marlins signed Wes Helms as a non-tendered free agent.

Note: if more words are left out and the grammar is worse than usual, like that is possible, the SB Nation did a software update and I can't edit anything.  I have no doubt that it will be fixed sometime today - just letting you know.