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D-Rays want it all

The Devil Rays want a King's ransom for their outfielders.

TOO MUCH: The Marlins did make a push for Rocco Baldelli and would have been willing to give up Scott Olsen and some lesser pieces for the Devil Rays' center fielder. But talks ended when it became apparent Tampa Bay wanted two members of the Marlins' rotation.

Personally giving up Olsen, straight up, for Baldelli without the "lesser pieces" I could potentially live with - wouldn't have liked it too much but I would have probably come around.  But two members of the rotation for someone who spends about as much time on the DL as he does in the field, I don't think so.

The Marlins also made an offer for B.J. Upton.

The Rays rejected a deal to send Upton to the Marlins for pitcher Ricky Nolasco

If that trade had taken place, I wouldn't have been very pleased.  Young talented pitchers are worth infinitely more than some center field prospect.

The Devil Rays are over playing their hand and everyone in the game, with the possible exception of the Texas Rangers organization, knows that pitching is King.

Forget trading with the D-Rays, the Marlins can do with what they have already if that is the price.  A marginal improvement in production in the outfield isn't worth losing a young starter.  If it takes a year or two to develop an outfielder or find one at right price, so be it.  Continuing to evaluate the talent already on the team, isn't that bad of an idea.