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PMR Reports - a different Metric

David Pinto of Baseball Musings fame, recalculated his Probabilistic Model of Range for outfielders using the distance of fly balls and the results changed somewhat.

Left Field

Top Melky Cabrera
Bottom Bobby Kielty
Marlins Josh Willingham, 27 out of 39.

Right Field

Top Carlos J Quentin
Bottom Jeromy Burnitz
Marlins Joe Borchard 14, Jeremy Hermida 30 out of 39.

Center Field

Top Shane Victorino
Bottom Ken Griffey Jr.
Marlins Alfredo Amezaga 21, Reggie Abercrombie 25 out of 42.

The only two Marlins outfielders who made more defensive outs in the field than predicted were Amezaga and Borchard, at least according to this stat. This is being brought up for a very subtle reason.