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Waltz is doing basketball?

Rich is already into his spring training workouts by getting his voice up to speed by calling, at least one, basketball game.

Marlins announcer Rich Waltz will team up with Larry Conley to call the Providence-Florida men's basketball game Wednesday on Sun Sports.

I didn't know he knew anything about basketball.  And before you start in on the "he doesn't know anything about baseball either" rhetoric, I happen to like the way he and Tommy handle their broadcast.  As I am sure you all know by now that I live outside of the market and therefore when the Marlins aren't at home I get to hear the opposition's announcers.  A few are good but I have found most are pale in comparison to Rich and Tommy.  It is quite conceivable that since the Marlins announcers are "homers" and I am a homer too that my judgement is somewhat...shall we say biased.  But after a long road trip it is always good to hear them again.  Now you can start in with the rhetoric.

That said: I wish I could listen to the broadcast of the Providence-Florida game, something gives me the idea that it would be most entertaining and probably not for the reason that it could be a good game.