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Pierre wants to come Home

Juan Pierre has made a gesture to the Marlins about returning to the organization for the 2007 season.

The Cubs have an interest in signing San Diego's Dave Roberts and making him their new leadoff man if Juan Pierre leaves, as expected. Pierre told the Miami Herald he would be interested in returning to the Marlins, but hasn't heard from them.

I wouldn't mind having Pierre back in center field and leading off.  Ramirez is on his way to developing into a middle of the order type of guy.  So moving him out of the first hole wouldn't be much of a problem.  The problem is:  Pierre made 5.75MM last season and that number isn't expected to go down this season.  He might take a little less in order to play for the Marlins and to be reunited with his best friend, Dontrelle.  But even at a discount, his salary will still be too high for the frugal Marlins.  The club will look for a cheaper alternative given how the stadium situation stands at the present time.

It would be nice to have his veteran presence in the club house and his work ethic as another example for the young players.  But the price will be more than the team will be willing to fork over.