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Mets still Think they can get Willis

It ain't going to happen, at least in the off-season, but the Mets can still dream.

Approaching last July's non-waiver trading deadline with a gaping NL East lead and an aching starting rotation, the New York Mets enthusiastically inquired into the availability of Dontrelle Willis.
At that time, general manager Omar Minaya was turned off by what the Marlins sought in return for the mercurial left-hander. Now that another trading season is upon us, there is speculation that the D-Train-to-7-Train talks may be warming up again.

Sure the Mets need at least one starting pitcher since Martinez had surgery but I don't think they possess the type of players the Marlins would be looking for in a trade.

When some of their promising prospects made it to the Majors, they had somewhat spotty debuts or ended up hurting themselves.  If the Marlins are looking to trade Willis, and I don't think they are, they can do better shopping him elsewhere.

One caveat, if the Mets want to eat all of Delgado's and Lo Duca's salary and send Milledge and Heilman along with them in the trade, then I think the team may be interested.