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Bullpen Help?

I don't know about this:

Desperate for bullpen help, the Marlins inquired about Yankees free agent Octavio Dotel, who returned in August after elbow surgery. He had 36 saves for Oakland in 2004.

I will give Dotel his due: he was lights out as a setup man for the Astros from 2001-2003.  In the 2004 season he was shipped off to Oakland to be their closer which ended up with mixed results, to be kind.

In fact, if you go to his page at Baseball Reference, it is sponsored by a group called Oakland Committee to Impeach Octavio Dotel. Not exactly a glowing endorsement.

I can only assume the Marlins organization is inquiring about the health of Dotel to see if he could be a possible candidate for the bullpen.  What I hope is not happening is that they think he could be the next reclamation project.  I trust Beinfest and his scouts but this one is curious.

Speier makes a whole lot more sense to me, even if he cost a chunk of change.