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JRS Wireless Network

As HadMatter reported yesterday in the comments, JRS is going Wi-Fi.

The network was up and running in less than 30 days from the initial visit to the site and is now delivering wireless high speed internet access throughout the stadium. Sports reporters on tight deadlines now have the choice to file up-to-the-minute stories wirelessly from the press box. Hungry fans can order refreshments from their seats or Executive Suites using hand-held wireless devices.

"Dolphin Stadium is a leader in professional sports and entertainment and we want to offer our fans the best experience possible," stated Joe Bailey, Chief Executive Officer, Dolphins Enterprises. "We are extremely pleased with the industry-leading broadband performance of the BelAir solution as well as its carrier-class capacity and reliability."

Yea!  Now you don't have to get up off your seats to order another frozen lemonade - assuming you own the modern electronic equipment that can access the network and know how to use it.

I'm not exactly sure I buy into the part about JRS being a leader in professional sports and entertainment.

When I was in Houston for the first series of the season, last year.  They had wireless capability at the stadium and it was interesting to say the least.  Sitting amongst the crowd with my laptop and being able to connect to FishStripes was pretty novel.  But I soon found it a major distraction from the reason I went to the game in the first place: which was to watch the game.

I can see how it will help those in the press box working on a recap of the game and maybe as everything advances it will yield benefits to the average consumer.  But for now, give it a try at a game, if you desire. Oh, by the way, it ain't free - then put it away and watch the game, that is why you went to the park in the first place.  And if you feel the need to partake in another frozen lemonade, get up and stretch you legs - it won't kill you.