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Next Up?

The Marlins front office may have their eye on the next reclamation project and this one may not need a whole lot of work.

According to Baseball Rumor Land:

Peter Gammons has some new nuggets:


He also believes that former set-up guy Justin Speier for the Jays will land with the Indians, Red Sox, Marlins, or D-backs. With good 2006 numbers(2.98 ERA) he could land a closing role somewhere.


I couldn't confirm Gammons said this, by searching ESPN, but that may be a fallacy of my research skills.

Speier put up pretty decent number last year and the 33 year-old would bring a veteran presence to the team.  Like with all rumors, who knows if it is credible or not.  Speier made $2.25MM last season, so I'm not sure he would fit into the financial scheme of the club.

Then again, the Marlins are pretty good about selling the small base contract laden with incentives.