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The Fools Chime In

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I'm starting to understand the Fools part of their name, and not for the reason they profess.

So, to conclude this extended sports metaphor, dividend stocks will help you turn your portfolio into the dependable New York Yankees, rather than the flash-in-the-pan Florida Marlins.

I hate this crap that is being expounded as conventional wisdom about the Marlins.

Let's compare World Series Championships vs. years of existence.

The New York club, originally, known as the Highlanders was founded in 1903.  The team didn't win squat during its time with the Highlander moniker.

In 1913 the organization became known as the Yankees, so let's give the author of the article a break and we will proceed from here.  The Yankees won their first World Series in 1923 a full ten years after the inception of the Yankees name.  Their second one would come four years later in 1927.

The Florida Marlins played their first game in 1993 and won their first World Series in 1997.  The second one was won in 2003.

So by the time it took for the Yankees, not counting the Highlander part, to win their first World Series, the Marlins have doubled that total.  

I am by no means suggesting that the Marlins will win 52 World Series titles by 2080 or even 26 titles, for that matter.  But I do take offense that the Marlins organization is categorized as a "flash-in-the-pan".

I hope their knowledge about dividend stocks is better than their knowledge of baseball history.

Fools, indeed.