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Color Borowski Gone

The way it looks, there is no way Borowski will be with the Marlins next season.

The bidding for free agent relievers is out of control, and that's hurting the Marlins, who desperately need bullpen help (example: Baltimore gave $19 million over three years to Danys Baez, who had nine saves and a 4.53 ERA last season). The Marlins haven't even called about free agent closer Joe Borowski in several weeks.

But you probably already knew that.  The only way Borowski is going to be wearing teal is if all the other teams balk and the low-budget Fish are his only option or maybe an equal option.  Given the way the free agency market is going so far this off-season, that ain't going to happen.  Thus there is really no reason for Beinfest to waste his time on the phone with Joe's agent.