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Trade Rumor

The Bucco Wire has a trade rumor between the Fish and the Pirates.

The Florida Marlins have expressed a serious interest in Chris Duffy, a move that would fill their void in centerfield. A possible deal would most likely include left-handed first basemen Mike Jacobs, who hit 20 home runs in just 136 games in 2006.

I think the Bucco Wire is jumping the gun here.  If you read the Palm Beach Post article they use as evidence that the Marlins are interested in the light hitting Duffy, it states:

Pittsburgh's Chris Duffy has been among candidates the Marlins like for center, but the Pirates don't plan to trade him.

The Marlins have been checking all the affordable options to improve the team but Duffy probably doesn't add enough for the price.  And anyway, the Marlins may want to see what Jacobs can do when he is totally healthy.  That is, of course, if his ankle has healed over the off-season.  Jacobs will be trade bait eventually, just a guess, but I don't think it will be this off-season.  He just doesn't have that much value after last season.  As always, I could be wrong.