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Florida Marlins - The TV Show

There is an article today in TC Palm speaking to problem of the Marlins being able to put people in the seats.  It really doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know but it does reiterate the problem facing the franchise.

He is as much the face of the Florida Marlins as anyone in a uniform.

Next to Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera, he's probably the team's most recognizable figure.


He's a broadcaster.

"Don't get me wrong: It's flattering to have so many people know who you are," Tommy Hutton was saying late Monday afternoon


"Yeah," he replied, "because that means nobody goes to the games. And as great as it is to have so many people tuning in, as wonderful as it is to get the television ratings we've been getting, you'd much rather see those people at the ballpark."

The Marlins, though, are more a TV show than a baseball franchise -- which, sadly, has been the case for most of their 14-year history.

This past season, in fact, they had the worst attendance in the major leagues but their broadcasts drew some of the best ratings.

What Tommy goes to on to say is that if the Marlins can get a new retractable roof stadium, he feels the fans will make it out to the ballpark.  This is of course is a bit of unknown but it's probably a decent guess.

Fellow announcer and Hall of Famer, Gary Carter, had this to say:

"Obviously, they've won two world championships without their own stadium, so they can survive there," said Carter, one of the fundraiser's organizers. "But if you're looking at the long term, a new stadium would be much more beneficial."

He paused, then added: "I can't understand why they can't find a location."

Uh, Gary, locations really haven't been the problem - IT'S THE FUNDING.  The Marlins Ballpark News put together four maps showing all 19 proposed locations for a new stadium for the team and they all have had the exact same problem - NOT ENOUGH FUNDING.  (If you click on the link to see all of the proposed stadium locations and you really should, it is pretty interesting.  If you can't see the maps, click on the square where the map should be and it will come into view.  I'm not exactly sure why the thumbnail of the map isn't showing on my Mac, but it isn't.  Windows viewers may not have that problem.)

The main article goes on to tell that time is running out for the team to get a deal done in South Florida.  Basically restating the obvious.  But if you read the whole thing you will get to learn something you probably already know, of the sportscasters interviewed, Tommy is the only one with a brain.