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More Awards for the Organization

The awards just keep coming.  Bill Madden of the New York Daily News gave out his Top 10 Baseball Turkeys Awards and unsurprisingly the Marlins organization have a recipient.


The head-strong Florida Marlins president - whose abrasive manner is said to have been one of the major impediments coming to a new stadium deal for the Fish - embarrassed baseball with his appearance on WAXY-AM , in which he made jokes about women, sex and pornography. On other occasions, Samson has joked about having Porn Night at Dolphin Stadium as a way to get more people out to see the Marlins, who, because of ownership stripping the payroll to $14 million, drew a major league low 1.16 million.

Come on Dave, you can do better than third.  I know you put in your complete effort into being a jerk but you can do better than this.  If you are going to be an embarrassment to the club, at least be the biggest embarrassment in the game.

It just fills the heart with pride that a columnist in New York City is able to recognize the character level of the team's president.  Nepotism - ain't it wonderful.