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Gaby Sanchez making noise

Gaby Sanchez is starting to make a name for himself and the scouts are impressed.

Gaby Sanchez, the Marlins' top position prospect, was impressive in Arizona. Sanchez has played third base and catcher in Class A, but he's concentrating on first base now. "You can't compare anybody to Albert Pujols, but the body type is pretty similar," a rival scout says. "At first glance you might not think a lot of bat speed is there, but his approach is so good and he uses the whole field. Don't just dismiss this guy. He could come fast, just like Pujols."

If this is true that means Jacobs and Stokes will be trade bait in the very near future.  I haven't seen the young man play, not that my assessment would be much of an addition, but he could be in the show very quickly.  I expect he will start the season out in Jupiter and if he continues to show promise he will be playing for the Mudcats by the end of the season.  I don't think the organization will feel any need to rush him up to the Bigs - barring injuries.  But in the 2008 season he may be holding down the number three position in the field.

His stats for the AFL weren't killer which is why I think he needs more development.  But obviously at least one scout saw something he liked.

Here are Mr. Sanchez's minor league stats.