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Weekend Open Thread

If you are one of the lucky ones, your much deserved long weekend continues on.  So it is time for the weekend open thread.

If you enjoy college sports and you are looking for a job, I hear tale that there is an opening at the University of Miami which you may want to look in to.  If you are just an observer by nature (I wish I could remember Norm Peterson's quote) there is a college football game which may be of interest.  I guarantee Wiggins will be glued to the set if at all possible.

But it is the weekend open thread and if anything pops into your mind that you would like to discuss or if you just want to make a declarative statement - this is place.

Oh, I rewrote the poll. I stupidly left Kevin Gregg out as one of the options in the original. So if you voted in the old poll you need to re-vote so that your opinion will be recorded. The irony of this does not escape me.

Have a great weekend!