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PMR Reports

David Pinto has been churning out his PMR reports lately.  In case you don't know what that means, PMR stands for Probabilistic Model of Range.  It's a defensive metric.

Here is the video explaining how the thing is calculated.

David Pinto explains the model.

Needless to say the Marlins haven't faired very well except for one position.  Of course he is still working his way through the infield and outfield, so there is a small chance of hope.

Anyway, here is what he has so far.  A little bit out of order.


Top: Adam Everett
Bottom: Aaron W Hill
Marlins: Hanley, 26th out of 37.

Hey, he was better defensively than Jeter and Tejada.

First Base

Top: Kendry Morales
Bottom: Jason Giambi
Marlins: Mike Jacobs, 42nd out of 45.

Not much to say here.

Left Field

Top: Brandon W Fahey
Bottom: Manny Ramirez
Marlins: Josh Willingham, 28th out of 40.

That is better than I would have expected.

And finally Center Field

Top: Ichiro Suzuki
Bottom: Jeremy T Reed
Marlins: Alfredo Amezaga, 5th, & Reggie Abercrombie, 16th out of 43.

According to this one metric the Marlins center fielders played better defense than most have acknowledged.  In fact, Alfredo was better at making plays in the outfield than Andruw Jones.  Which I admit is somewhat hard to believe but if indeed he was, and according to this calculation, he was, he didn't look as smooth doing it.  But apparently he got it done.