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New Miami Stadium Location under Consideration

Another location to consider.

Miami-Dade County officials are exploring a new downtown Miami location for a Marlins stadium, and they say the site has fewer obstacles than those already under review.

The spot, which is publicly owned by the county and city of Miami, is about 10 acres just north of the Miami-Dade government center adjacent to Metrorail. It is just east of I-95, a few blocks southwest of Miami Arena and is home mainly to parking lots.

Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess said the new option is intriguing because it is publicly owned, which would significantly reduce the cost of a ballpark, and parking is available nearby.

Presumably this site would cause fewer obstacles and be cheaper because the public is going to donate the land to the Marlins.  Though it never said that in the article.  Being near the Metrorail is very important as is the availability of parking but this site has the same problem all of the other potential sites have.  Here is the money quote.

Burgess would not discuss how the financing might work at the new Miami location, but said it would need to include participation from the county, city of Miami, the Marlins and, if possible, the state.

Granted some of the sites would be more desirable than others, depending on where you live.  Some include the possibility of free land and some don't but they all have the same problem and that is, at this point, they are all underfunded and that's the problem.