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The Other Deals

In the non-glamorous deals made by the Marlins, the Fish signed RP Eddy Rodriguez to a minor league contract.

Here are his career numbers.

He has a nice K/IP but his BB/IP leaves a lot to be desired.

The other move was to add lefty Paul Mildren to the 40-man roster.  Mildren pitched for Carolina last season going 10-10 with a 4.14 ERA.  He did strikeout almost a player per inning.

Paul Mildren Stats

A couple of tidbits about the glamorous deals which were covered very well by Dan.  Owens is leading the Dominican Winter League in saves with 9 thus far.  And that ain't no easy league.

The other is also about Owens and is primarily for Fishfan24.

"It's really amazing,'' Owens said. ``When I went to college, I went with the intentions of going to medical school. I always dreamed of playing professional baseball, but I never thought it was a possibility.''

I guess it is true: Baseball > Med School.

One other thing: Do you think that the two trades made yesterday were the two left on the table after the GM meetings or do you think they were ancillary?