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Speiers and the Angels agree to terms

Talk about the Fish never being in the running.

Reliever Justin Speier agreed to terms of a four-year contract Sunday with the Los Angeles Angels, who will become his seventh major league club.

The deal, worth about $18 million, is contingent on the 33-year-old free agent passing a physical.

Wow, I knew Speier would command some interest and the $4.5MM per year doesn't shock me that much but to get it for four years - that does.  There is no way that the Marlins could have come close to that offer and especially for that many years.

Given the contract Speier received don't look for the Marlins to be able to re-sign Borowski.  The free agent contracts should get cheaper as the off-season wears on but the team is not going to be able to add any name players to the bullpen via free agency.  If the Marlins want to add someone they are most likely going to have to trade for them, and that price may still be too high.

I wonder if Moehler can close.  Sadly, I'm not joking.