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Put Me in Coach...

Yeah, yeah, I have heard the song Center Field by John Fogerty enough.  But there is some interesting news on the center field front, other than Baldelli.

The club is looking at several candidates who played for other teams last season, but General Manager Larry Beinfest didn't rule out Alfredo Amezaga, Reggie Abercrombie and Eric Reed splitting time in center again.


Earlier, the Marlins spoke to the agent for infielder Nick Green, who hit .240 with two home runs and four RBI in 46 games with the New York Yankees. Green, 28, could be viewed as a backup infielder if the Marlins use Amezaga, who had played infield exclusively until 2006, as their main center fielder.

Leaving Mr. Green aside, I don't have a problem with the team standing pat this year.  If a suitable deal can't be reached, the young players need to be evaluated for at least another year, if not two.  The soon to be second year pitchers should, especially, be seen again to be absolutely sure what the team has on its hands.  Need I go into the story of Jason Vargas?  Not that the young Mr. Vargas won't rebound and learn to throw strikes again, but it does show there are no certainties in knowing which young starter should be trade bait and which one should be held on to at all cost.

Even if a young pitcher falters in their second or third year, there is always some team out there that thinks if they could just get their hands on him they can correct the problems he is having.  It has happened a thousand time before.

The young pitchers are the key to what ever trades the Marlins would like to make for position players and having a better understanding of who to keep and who is possibly expendable isn't that bad of an idea.