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Trades on the Table

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How serious the offers are and for whom isn't known at this point but the Marlins are running a couple up the flag pole.

The Marlins continued to talk with free agents Wednesday and have at least two trade proposals on the table. But general manager Larry Beinfest continued to characterize his team's offseason approach as ''patient'' heading into the final day of baseball annual general managers' meetings at the Grande Naples Report.

''Things will get going. There's a lot of conversations,'' he said. ``The offseason has a cycle to it. The key parts to our team didn't come until after Dec. 20 last year. So it's still a little early.

``We're into it. But there are times where we need to be patient [and] remember there may be other opportunities. But there are things that we're trying to pursue now.''

I feel that one of them is a deal for Rocco Baldelli, which Dr F linked to in his comment yesterday.

The Baldelli offer makes sense assuming the Marlins don't have to sell the farm in order to get him.  I have no guess at present who the other trade offer could be for, that may become clearer in a day or so.  But given the following quote by Beinfest,

"We think we have inventory, probably not a lot of pieces at the major league level that we'd be willing to part with, but we have some nice inventory in our system." -- GM Larry Beinfest on which types of players in the Marlins organization could be dangled as trade bait this winter.

It is very possible that the trade offers made by the Fish wouldn't effect the present pitching rotation.  The Marlins could be offering Minor Leaguers instead.