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Dukes of Hazard

This is interesting:

General Manager Larry Beinfest said the front office has made a trade proposal to another team. The details are not known.

What is known is that the Marlins, who are trying to fill holes in center field and the bullpen, have interest in Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfield prospect Elijah Dukes. The Devil Rays have interest in right-hander Ricky Nolasco, but it's unclear if the Marlins would part with Nolasco for Dukes.


Now projected to be a fourth outfielder or backup first baseman for the Rays, Dukes was suspended five times this season at Class AAA Durham for incidents on and off the field.

Being suspended isn't a new thing in the life of young Mr. Dukes, in fact, he matched his high school record for suspensions last season.  Or at least according to this interview with him by Chris Kline of Baseball America.  (I think that is still legal.  If not, I'm sure I will find out shortly.)

I really don't know much about Dukes, other than he is a promising talent.  But I will say this: the chemistry of the personalities in the club house and on the field was an important part of the team's success last season and I'm not sure he is worth the risk, whatever his talents.

I know there are people who read this site that will disagree with my opinion but I would still rather have the person who leads the pre-game salsa dances in center than a possible malcontent.

The one plus side to Dukes, if you can call it a plus side, the D-Rays are looking to unload him.