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Allison at Rock Bottom Again

The saga of Jeff Allison just keeps going from bad to worst.

Allison faces three felony charges -- one count for heroin possession and two for possession of stolen vehicles -- stemming from separate incidents last week in North Carolina, a spokesperson with the Guilford County Clerk of Courts said.

If you are interested in the all the sordid details of the accounts, please read the article.  Suffice it to say, the Marlins have all but given up hope on the young man.

Allison, who has not pitched professionally since August 2005, recently was placed on the restricted list by the Marlins. A first-round draft pick in June 2003, Allison received a $1.85 million signing bonus but has seen only a fraction of that sum due to a restructured contract that mandated regular drug tests.

"We have retained his rights but he is not an active member of the organization," a Marlins official said. "He hasn't been for quite a while."

Asked if the Marlins have given up hope that Allison will ever pitch for them again, the official said, "You could probably say that."

In the time I have been blogging on FishStripes, this the third article I have written about the young Mr. Allison's struggles with life.  I doubt that he will ever pitch again in the professional leagues and that really isn't important at this point.  What is important is that he, somehow, someway, gets his life in order.  Because the path that he seems determined to follow is one that is very self-destructive.

One can only hope that he will find a way to right the ship.