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Tosca is the New Bench Coach

Fredi got his man.  As you probably already know.

Now comes Carlos Tosca, another '92 original, who will serve as Gonzalez's bench coach. His hiring likely will be announced Tuesday or Wednesday, when the team unveils the rest of its coaching staff.

Tosca, 53, shares much in common with Gonzalez. Both are Cuban-born, and both hit the scene at the same time when the Marlins went looking for minor-league managers in '92.

One bit of experience Tosca has that Gonzalez doesn't: major-league managing experience. Tosca,who has been the third-base coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks for the past two seasons, managed the Toronto Blue Jays from 2002-04, compiling a record of 191-191 in parts of two seasons and all of another (2003).

Tosca was Gonzalez's first choice from the begining.  Tosca turned downed an offer from the Diamondbacks for the same coaching position in order to take the one for the Marlins.

Fredi's relationship with Carlos goes back further  than 1992.  He is actually on of his mentors.

Carlos Tosca and Fredi Gonzalez go back almost 25 years, to Class A Bradenton, and that relationship has cost the Diamondbacks another coach. Tosca, who was Gonzalez's first minor league manager, signed a two-year contract to join rookie manager Gonzalez's staff in Florida.

Tosca's previous managerial experience can only be a plus in helping Gonzalez through the rough spots he will bound to experience.

"Now that I've been a major league manager, I feel I can help him with some situations," Tosca told the newspaper. "Fredi's not going to need any help on baseball, but maybe player relations and dealing with the front office. Maybe I can give him some perspective."

I think Fredi shouldn't have much trouble in his dealings with the front office, but you never know.  It is always good to have someone around who has been there before lending advice.

Some time this week the complete coaching staff is expected to be named.  Hitting coach, Jim Presley, is expected to return.  Along with Perry Hill, if Mr. Hill decides he would like a position in baseball this season.  Due to family issues, it is taking some, more than understandable, thought on his part.  The organization is in negotiations with Kranitz for a two-year deal.  At the time of this writing, they are still at the bargaining table.  Dean Treanor remains in the mix for a coaching job.

A complete aside:  which is proper, Gonzalez' or Gonzalez's.  Any knowledge you can bestow on me would be most appreciated.