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The Coaches come into view

Gonzalez is moving quickly to get the coaching staff set.

New manager Fredi Gonzalez spoke with Rick Kranitz on Wednesday, and indications are the Marlins want him back. First-base coach Perry Hill and hitting coach Jim Presley are strong holdover candidates.

Perry Hill was called but he was unable to be reached due to the death of father.  It's been a tough year for the Hill family.  

If he wants to continue his career in the personal time stealing sport of baseball, I truly hope he rejoins the Marlins.  Hill is the best in the business at what he does and the team can sure use his services again.

Krantiz had a great year with the pitchers and they want him back.

From Dontrelle Willis on down, Marlins pitchers would love to see Kranitz return.

"He gets you prepared so when you get out there whatever happens, happens, and you won't be surprised," Willis said. "That was a trickle-down effect from him and the coaching staff to the pitching staff and the team. I don't think he's gotten enough credit personally for what he's done for the staff."

Said Kranitz: "Those kids, it was wonderful being with them. I enjoyed every bit of it. We just have to see what happens in the next week or so." ...

When Girardi catches on some where, and he will.  I would expect that Joe will want to take Kranitz with him.  Should that place be Chicago, Kranitz probably won't re-sign with the Marlins.  But you never know.

There have already been a few coaches voted off the island.

The Marlins have told third-base coach Bobby Meacham, bullpen coach Mike Harkey and bench coach Gary Tuck their contracts will not be renewed.

Gonzalez would like to have his staff in place by week's end.

Fredi at this point is mainly looking to hire from within the organization.  Names that have been brought up include: Luis Dorante, Dean Treanor and announcer and former Marlins coach Cookie Rojas.

If the above should happen, it will leave some serious openings for managers in the farm system.  Along with the need to find a good Spanish speaking announcer.