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Experts Predict No NL Team Will Go Deep Into Playoffs

It's Friday, so why not have some fun.

(Source: The Onion)

BRISTOL, CT--Even though the National League somehow managed to send four teams into the 2006 MLB postseason, baseball experts said Monday that it is "unlikely" that any of them will advance past the second round of the playoffs. "The Mets, Dodgers, Padres, and Cardinals have serious pitching issues, almost zero offense, and have played terribly down the stretch," ESPN analyst Buster Olney said. "However, they each luckily drew a first-round opponent that is similarly ill-fitted for postseason play, so we may see one or two emerge from the first round. But as for the World Series--not a chance." Experts went on to predict that it will "probably be another Yankees-Red Sox World Series this year."

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